Stadttheater Giessen

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A word about this company

The purpose of the company "Stadttheater Gießen GmbH" lies in the management of a multi-genre theatre with the three divisions – musical theatre, (spoken) drama and ballet – including regional and over-regional guest performances. In addition symphony and chamber concerts are offered as well as a children and youth program. The society serves exclusively two charitable purposes: education of the public and the mediation of valuable cultural heritage. Our repertoire is deliberately composed as a mixture of popular as well as relatively unknown works from different eras. As the only multi-genre theatre of the region it’s necessary to meet the cultural mandate by presenting high-quality performances with distinctive, high-profile ensembles. It is the house’s mission to present the performing arts as a continuously evolving live art form and to create a space for experimenting with new concepts and compositions; thereby we particularly strive to give young artists an opportunity for try-outs and development. The theatre is further a place for communication, dialogue, dispute and critical examination; addressing contemporary as well as timeless themes and conflicts on a socio-political, cultural and individual level. The Stadttheater Gießen is a play- and opera-house for all demographic groups and all ages. Accordingly our repertoire presents a plurality of genres, contents and issues as well as aesthetics and forms. This can only be achieved by maintaining our artistic identity from an internal as well as an external perspective. For us this means to know precisely the demands of our guests and to bring the highly diverse but valid interests of each customer group into a productive relation with our aesthetic and substantial ambitions. Since its foundation in 1907 the Stadttheater Gießen has been the theatre and opera house of the people from our city and region. To secure the high identification with our house we are constantly trying to generate wide options for participation, thus opening our house further to the public and becoming strongly entrenched into the society. This is made possible by a strong network we built with other local institutions and associations as well as numerous opportunities of involvement. Especially for the younger generation our different youth clubs – such as the young dance company and the children’s quire – present a possibility to experience live art thus to reduce their reservations.

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