Technical Management & Set Workshops

Technical Management and Set Workshops Forum brings together Tehcnical Managers and Heads of Set Workshops to meet and exchange during dedicated Forum meetings.


The Technical Stage Management Forum was founded in 2009 and the current steering group consists of:

Hannu Aario (Finnish National Opera)

Kari Mokkila (Finnish National Opera) 

Yonatan Kanner (Israëli Opera)

Jørgen Rausandaksel (Den Norsken Opera)

Johannes Brandt (Danish Royal Theatre)

Marcel Maus (La Monnaie)

Jesse Jansens (La Monnaie)  


The Set Workshop Forum was created in 2011 and its steering group consists of: 

Tapio Säkkinen (Finnish National Opera)

Rolf Hauser (Dutch National Opera & Ballet) 

Martin Ilsøe (Danish Royal Theatre) 

Sanne Brodersen (Danish Royal Theatre)


Location and date of the next meeting will be available here. 


For more information about the Technical Management & Set Workshops Forum, please contact