There are two principal purposes behind the benchmarking exercise which Opera Europa is conducting this season.  The first is to gather accurate data which contributing members may use to monitor their performance. The second is to assemble a comprehensive map of the sector to help advocate opera in Europe.

Download the simple questionnaire here >>

Starting with the latter, we have devised and tested a simple series of 20 questions covering headline areas of productivity, income and expenditure. They are designed so that all 180 of our members should find them easy to answer within a short time. 
The key indicators are:

■ Number of performances
■ Number of productions
■ Total audiences
■ Number of people employed

■ Earned income from ticket sales
■ Earned income from all other sources
■ Contributed income from public sector
■ Contributed income from private sector

■ Salaries of artistic, technical and administrative employees
■ Cost of free-lance personnel in same categories
■ Production costs
■ All other costs

The sum of these figures will enable us to draw a picture of opera across the many countries of Europe, which we may share with our members and with a wider field of political and social stakeholders.

To dig deeper into the workings of our member companies, we are also refining a benchmarking survey with a carefully limited number of questions grouped under 6 categories:

1. Identification and Activity
2. Income
3. Expenditure
4. Organisation chart
5. Pricing and Sales
6. Production process

Taken together, the answers will enable us to provide a confidential profile of your company at a glance, which will be available to those of you who contribute to the survey.

Completing this exercise should not be time-consuming, but we aim to spread the burden of collection by sharing it among our specialist advisory groups, which will contribute to the process both before and during the joint international forum in Sofia.

The benchmarking exercise will be of value if it is accurate, comprehensive and up-to-date. We therefore urge you to participate in your own interests and those of our community. Our cooperation will make us stronger.

We in the Opera Europa team are each closely involved in the process and are ready to assist you at any stage.