Costume, Make-up & Wig forum

The Costume, Make-up and Wig forum was created in 2006 and has since then gathered Heads of Costume and Heads of Wig & Make-Up once a year for a meeting in the spring.  Other specialists (costume assistants, dyers etc.) are also punctually invited to join the meetings. 

A steering committee was appointed to plan on the Costumes, makeup & wigs forum’s future meetings and projects. It is composed of:

Mélanie Bouvet (Royal Opera House London)
Robby Duiveman (Nationale Opera & Ballet Amsterdam)
Fay Fullerton (Royal Opera House London)
Dorothea Katzer (Deutsche Oper Berlin)
Alexander Kinds (Nationale Opera & Ballet Amsterdam)
Pauline Lecrass (Glyndebourne, England)
Markus Maas (Saarländische Staatstheater)
Jörg Mueller (Die Staatstheater Stuttgart)


The forum has so far worked on rental and co-production guidelines and collected data on European Costumes departments. Their next projects include an EU-funded staff exchange/training scheme, common guidelines for Costume Bibles and a common measurement database.

For more information about the Costume, Make-up & Wig forum and to register to their e-mail listserv and receive their latest news, please contact


Stay tuned for our next meeting in Spring 2018!


Photo gallery

Last Costume, Make-Up & Wig Forum in Malmö