A year of OperaVision

OperaVision has been streaming operas for over 12 months since the site was launched on 12 October 2017. In this time, the platform has streamed 45 shows, that’s an average of three to four new full-length mostly live performances per month. There have been 40 operas and 5 concerts, galas and competitions. Up until the end of October 2018, we have already counted 1 742 259 video views: 790 931 views for the full-length performances and 951 288 views for bonus videos.

The live element is highly valued by our online audiences. On 19 October 2018, more than 5 000 people tuned in for Verdi’s Rigoletto live from Teatro Massimo di Palermo – that is four times the capacity of the theatre.  Viewers from around the world joined via our live chat, sending 916 messages during this live stream.  Our live streams are building a community of passion opera lovers and curious observers.

OperaVision indeed has a big following on social media, which is growing daily on Facebook (18 368 page likes), Twitter (5 426 followers), Instagram (2 262 followers).  These channels especially target audiences under the age of 35. The biggest growth has been on YouTube were we have gained 12 879 subscribers since launch; an additional 1 581 subscribers in October this year alone.  OperaVision publishes a weekly e-newsletter issued in English, French and German to mailing list that currently number 20 461 recipients. 

The variety of the productions offered on OperaVision – from Mozart’s The Magic Flute to Gotovac’s Ero the Joker and from Bellini’s Norma to Bernstein’s Trouble in Tahiti – gives the opportunity for first-timers to get to know the well-known repertoire and for specialists to enjoy rarities.

The OperaVision website also features multimedia programme notes for every performance, including detailed synopses, insights, context of the productions as well as video-interviews with people involved in the production process such as directors, conductors, stage- and costume designers and soloists.  Our online quizzes and games, and sections for these new to opera and for young artists remain popular.

Encourage by its first year, OperaVision aims to double its YouTube subscribers and views during the year ahead. OperaVision plans to expand its audiences across the globe, focusing on collaborations with partners who can relay our content to more viewers in the Americas and the rest of the world.