Staying in touch with your peers

News about our listservs!

On top of the Members’ Address book for individual information, Opera Europa members have a tool to their European colleagues on specific topics. These listservs are an e-mail-based system where, by sending an email to a single address, you reach everyone registered on that listserv. Our specialist forums each have a listserv to communicate not only about upcoming events, but also to share information, ask questions and receive feedback and recommendations.

Opera Europa has switched listserv service provider, but this should not have any impact on the way you stay in touch. Our specialist listservs are:
Artistic administration, casting, planning:
Audio-Visual production :
Costumes, wigs and make-up:
Education, outreach, new audiences:
Environment, eco-management, sustainability issues:
Executive assistants:
Financial & business management:
Fundraising & Friends:
Human Resources & personnel:
Marketing, communications, press, box office:
OperaVision partners:
Technical direction, workshop management:

Technical Management & Set Workshops:


Please contact if you think you are not subscribed to the lists you wish to follow!